Soutron Global is proud to announce that Guy St. Clair will share his experiences and thoughts about Knowledge Services.  In a new and fascinating series of posts on our blog, Guy will explore the challenges facing information professionals every day.

“Father of Knowledge Services”

Guy St Clair is recognized as an expert adviser in knowledge services and building organizational knowledge culture with a special emphasis on knowledge strategy development.  He was recently awarded the John Cotton Dana award at the 2019 SLA Annual Conference – SLA’s top honor!

Challenges of Knowledge Professionals

As a library manager, knowledge strategist, information professional or other knowledge professional dealing with research management, you frequently face new challenges.  Meeting those challenges can seem daunting, but, with a little help from the “Father of Knowledge Services”, you can elevate your skills and manage your library’s transformation.

It’s the one job that gives you the authority, responsibility and accountability for providing the highest levels of knowledge development, knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization in your organization.

Overcoming Challenges

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “How do I do it?” Or more specifically: “How do I, as a specialist librarian, research manager or technology services leader transition myself to such a critical – and demanding – role in the organization?”

To find out more, read Guy St. Clair’s exciting and informative blog series on Soutron Global’s website today. 

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