Soutron Global Offers Flexible, Innovative Changes in NEW 4.1 Release

San Diego, CA


Soutron Global’s newest developments to its library, information and knowledge management solutions are powerful enhancements. Created with clients’ needs in mind, the improvements greatly improve efficiency and make workflows more intuitive.

“Ensuring our product is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients is a top priority for us,” said, Tony Saadat, Soutron Global’s CEO. “Our clients are like shareholders who influence the direction of our products. We are confident that the new release will save our clients time and make their jobs easier.”

The 4.1 release introduces clean, modern interfaces, streamlined workflows and new features. Clients can take advantage of the following features and more:

  • New Serials and Acquisitions Modules: A new user interface and streamlined workflows eradicate frustrations and introduce time saving features. Upload digital copies of your invoices and add links to make all of your procurement information easily accessible.
  • Stock Check Control/Inventory: A clean, modern interface, simplified inventory management and stock checking make inventory control straightforward and more efficient.
  • Date Group Search: Set date descriptions for blocks of time to make it easier for users to search date ranges. Date ranges can be labeled with common historical terms such as the “Middle Ages” or the “Sixties,” enhancing search capabilities.
  • Extended barcode scanning: Scan barcodes into new areas to make editing, stock checking and label printing more efficient.
  • Portal Menu Control: Control your Portal’s menus with the new menu management function.
  • Faster Load Times: Soutron’s Hierarchical Trees now load faster and provide you with a progress bar to keep you abreast of the loading process for larger trees.

For more information about these new developments or any of Soutron Global’s library, information or knowledge management solutions, call Soutron Global at 760-870-4243 or email


About Soutron Global

As a client-driven company with strong award-winning leadership, Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”. Soutron Global partners with special libraries and information centers around the globe to transition them to digital technologies with innovative, easy-to-use high-quality products. Soutron Global can be found online at