Soutron Global Releases Latest Update to Their Information Management System for Libraries and Archives

Soutron Global Press Release

For Immediate Release: 25th October 2022
Embargo: None

International library, archives, information, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the release of Soutron version 4.1.8, available immediately to all Soutron cloud subscribers.

“Much of the new functionality in this release has been driven by our close partnerships with The London Transport Museum, The Met Office, and the Welsh Government,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “The new capabilities are the result of using agile development and working closely with, and listening to, our clients’ needs.”

This update includes many enhancements and new features as well as security updates and general improvements. Our development team’s goal is to continue providing a world class combined library, archive, knowledge, and information management solution. New functionality included in this update to enhance accessibility and improve workflows is:

  • Improved support for WCAG 2.1. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for public facing Search Portals who have that requirement such as government organizations
  • New Archive tree feature for direct line view allowing streamlined visibility and navigation for large archive trees along with much improved load speed
  • Preventing thesaurus (authority control) term duplication, helping to keep your metadata clean
  • Import metadata from a much wider range of third-party sources
  • Global edit now supports prefix and suffix text, improving workflows
  • Improved session management, minimizing user session expirations

Soutron software enhancements, like those above, have always been directed by client feedback. Soutron clients can request and schedule their upgrade via the Soutron helpdesk portal.

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