Soutron Global’s Tony Saadat Talks with Guy St. Clair about Knowledge Services, The Book

Tony Saadat, Soutron Global’s CEO, interviewed Guy St Clair, President of SMR International and Knowledge Management Expert, about Knowledge Services and his book, Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization.



In this interview, Tony and Guy cover the following topics:

  • Knowledge Services – What is it? What makes Knowledge Services the best solution for managing organizational knowledge?
  • Why Knowledge Services (KS) and not Knowledge Management (KM)?
  • Can you use Knowledge Services with all knowledge work (such as Archives, Library Services, research in general, or knowledge-sharing in an organization)?
  • Who are the main characters? Who are the real winners in the knowledge services story?


Guy St ClairAbout Guy St. Clair

Guy St. Clair is President, Consulting Specialist for Knowledge Strategy, and Knowledge Services Evangelist for SMR International. In his professional work, Guy is recognized as an expert adviser in knowledge services and in building the organizational knowledge culture, with a special emphasis on knowledge strategy development.

For more information on Guy St. Clair visit SMR International’s website.

Knowledge Services - A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century OrganizationTo find out more about Guy’s book, Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization click here.


The interview with Guy St. Clair was conducted by Soutron Global’s own Tony Saadat on December 7, 2016. You can view the interview again on our YouTube Channel here.