Soutron Digital Asset Management (DAM)

What is Digital Asset Management?

Library software is no longer just for storing and managing books and serials. The flexibility inherent in all Soutron Global products allows you to store and collate all types of materials. Digital Assets such as:

icon of a tick documents

icon of a tickdigital files

icon of a tickartwork

icon of a tickengineering drawings

icon of a tickvideos

icon of a tickaudio recordings

icon of a tickand more are all easily organized and accessible via our solutions


Materials can be manually indexed for access and linked to records from your corporate file system or your content can be digitized, extracted from an electronic source, captured as XML and loaded as a structured record. With our cloud-based solutions you can access your media on the go with your mobile device or tablet, or from a computer/laptop keeping your information available at your fingertips.

Offering a variety of workflow configurations and settings to control the request and use of content, configurable options include security settings, protection for viewing and downloading material, allowing user-generated content and automatic data loading.


Soutron Global provides a flexible system for storing digital materials


Each type of digital content can be described to the system with a quick and simply defined record structure – without any need for IT support. Fields can be defined and added at any time, allowing meta-data specific to the digital asset to be recorded and assigned as needed.

If you’d like more information or if you’re ready to discuss your specific requirements for a sophisticated digital asset management in a simple, user-friendly system, please contact us.