Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting for Libraries and Archives

Over 90% of our clients now use Soutron’s Cloud Hosting. All that is needed to access the system is a web browser and access to the internet.

The library and archive know that they are going to be looked after from an IT perspective and their needs are first priority for our Help Desk when problems or questions arise. The savings in time negotiating with internal IT for resources, the costs associated with hardware and software, the ease of getting upgrades applied are all factors that make this an easy decision.

The benefits include:

  • Your IT department is absolved from learning about a new database and having to support it
  • You don’t need internal support for updates or enhancements as this is managed for you
  • Your costs will be predictable since you don’t need to purchase servers and incur costs supporting them
  • In the event of a disaster, you don’t need to be concerned about going off-line, we take care of everything for you

Our Data Centres and network are extremely efficient and reliable, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your users will not have any problems with usability or database access.

Security of data and control of the environment are critical and our policies and procedures are frequently reviewed and validated.

Marx LibraryThe speed and performance of the system has increased phenomenally since moving onto Soutron’s new Managed Service. We have to be public facing and deliver a reliable service to users. It’s just like having our own dedicated IT network, without the trauma. Read the full Case Study

Dr John Callow

Director, Marx Library, London

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