Industries that Could Benefit from Using Archive Management Software

Any business with records, inventory, collections or reference materials can make use of archive management software. Soutron has helped businesses and organizations in a diverse array of industries develop database solutions customized to meet the unique challenges they face.

Fashion Companies

Most people associate the term “archive management software” with museums, cultural institutions, schools or government agencies. While those types of organizations may manage and maintain archives, they’re far from the only users of databases.

The fashion industry represents another industry that can benefit from  archive management software. Soutron has helped fashion companies manage their retail stock and runway collections through our software platforms.

Runway collections are high-value assets that are constantly moving all around the world. Tracking location and monitoring and controlling access to these assets is hugely important, and Soutron’s archive management software provides the ideal solution.

A good archive management system provides accountability and transparency for decision makers while also offering optimal security through access control. Information can be easily siloed in Soutron’s archive management system, allowing decision makers to choose who within a company has access to specific information and resources.

With a Soutron archive, fashion companies can also securely archive and share high-resolution images of textiles. This gives designers the ability to zoom in and analyze stitchwork and fabric quality. Those images can be securely shared with approved users on the other side of the globe. This capability is valuable for multinational businesses with employees who work in vastly different time zones, speak different languages and have access to different technologies or devices.

Marketing and Human Resources

There are some overlapping use cases for Soutron’s archive management systems among different industry users. One of those areas of overlap is in marketing and HR. Marketing teams can generate copious amounts of materials in the form of ads, photos, video assets, flyers, testimonials, style guides, etc.

A decades-old business may see significant turnover in their marketing teams over their operational history. Some of the assets their ad teams generate may need to be pulled out of storage or referenced for future marketing campaigns. Archive management solutions can provide continuity, eliminate the need for redundant work and allow for centralized storage of current and historical marketing materials.

Human resources, training and recruiting teams have similar needs. Training materials, employee records, guides and policy documents are all potential files an HR department might generate.

New hires and employee turnover are an inevitable part of business. If long-time employees aren’t backing up their files or storing resources in a centralized location, it makes maintaining continuity difficult. It’s not uncommon for businesses to be forced to redo or reacquire assets simply because a former employee didn’t back up their work on a shared drive or failed to tell their replacements where necessary resources are stored.

A well-organized archive management solution can eliminate those problems. Proper hierarchies and relationships between entries can enhance an organization’s institutional knowledge. Losing a long-time HR or training manager is far less impactful when their work can be easily accessed by their subordinates and replacements.

Security is also hugely important for any teams dealing with employee records. The ability to restrict access to specific users is a legal necessity for those business tasks, and Soutron’s archive management solution makes it easy to remain in compliance with relevant laws.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Other examples of industries where archive management is important are drug and medical device manufacturers. They must manage and track assets that may be spread out among many locations, sometimes globally.

These businesses also have a plethora of historic information, regulatory papers, testing records and similar documentation, some of which may even be needed in future investigations or litigation. In many cases, these companies are held to strict record-keeping and testing requirements. Keeping those records organized and easily accessible is vital for pharmaceutical businesses. They may also be required to maintain these records for decades.

Soutron’s archive management solutions are ideal not just for their reliability and ease of use but also for their flexibility. Our team has also assisted with large migration projects, moving decades of historical data from legacy databases to our modern, feature-rich archive.

Learn More About Soutron Archive

If your organization is looking for a customizable database solution, the team at Soutron can help. You can learn more about how our archive management solution can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs by scheduling a demo.


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