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Soutron’s end-user document submission tool provides a way to systemize knowledge transfer held in groups to create institutional knowledge

International library, archives, information resources, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of the latest “Vertical File” podcast hosted by John Connolly, MLIS, PMP. This latest podcast features Adam Spacht, founder of KAS Concepts, the home of No Boring Training, which facilitates the design, development, and delivery of effective training sessions.

To create a training program that can move an organization towards achieving strategic goals, such as increased revenue generation, Adam  illustrates the need to have buy-in at the very top of an organization, in addition to an organizational culture that is unafraid to identify shortfalls.

Adam also discusses starting any training program with practical, tactical level tips such as a proper analysis of the root cause of why training is needed. “You need to think about what type of delivery is needed and the training objective. The best way to do that is to ask questions from the frontline users and mid-level managers”, he states. “The more you can get your participants to figure out the answers themselves and contribute to the solution, the more interesting and effective your training will be.”

Taking a fresh look at knowledge management, John discusses training information flow and how knowledge is held in groups, not just individuals. He outlines how processes need to be documented and stored to accomplish the type of knowledge transfer needed for people to be able to apply it.

Soutron’s end-user document submission tool provides a way to systemize knowledge transfer held in groups to create institutional knowledge. This useful tool offers peer review functionality that supports the transfer and verification of knowledge in addition to providing an easily accessible location for employees to access that information, which helps to reduce training costs. This ensures information and knowledge is captured and organized, helping to create an internal learning environment and knowledge pipeline.

“A good approach to encourage learning inside an organization is to keep training modules, guides, and resources in a shared library or information resource center database like Soutron, which provides easy access to those materials,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “Using Soutron to securely store institutional knowledge results in a reduction of time and materials needed for training and onboarding.”

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