Soutron Global ‘Vertical File’ Podcast Discusses the Challenges of Data Security

Vertical File Podcast

International library, archives, information resources, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of the latest “Vertical File” podcast hosted by John Connolly, MLIS, PMP.

The challenges of data security were discussed in our latest Vertical File podcast with Fred Wiese who is responsible for North American data center operations, overseeing data centers in Canada and the United States to provide operational security policies and much more. In this thought-provoking episode, a wide variety of data security needs are discussed, from the nature of the data itself to the types of access, and storage compliance issues.

When asked, ‘What’s at stake for anybody who’s managing data?’, Fred responds, “The Internet has made life very, very complex, which is what makes security so crucial right now. Anybody can look up freely available hacking tools, so it behooves everyone involved in Internet security to make security policies and procedures their number one task, covering things like background checks on employees to make sure that you know everything checks out there and keeping policies and procedures up to date.”

Progressing those ideas about security policies, Fred adds: “Data security impacts every aspect of the business. Knowing that there’s a lot of risk, but also knowing what’s the right balance for managers, as you’re trying to figure out how to handle data appropriately, you have to ask, ‘What is the right level of cautious to be?’”

Items Fred suggests reviewing are the nature of the data, the nature of the environment, sensitivity of what is there, who needs what type of access to certain materials, along with examining the ramifications if something does get out into the open.

Per the host, John says, “The ability to store data and information securely and limit access to sensitive information is a growing necessity across industries; the ability to automate access permissions can both allow for faster access without manual intervention while also ensuring the organization’s security requirements are met. A flexible, unified system of storage and retrieval can have a major impact on the speed with which workers can access data. Powerful and highly configurable systems, such as Soutron, employ tools that allow users to search and browse information in a granular way, limiting results to relevant topics and subjects.” 

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