What Do the Best Integrated Library Systems Offer?

The “best” integrated library systems (ILS) must offer features that meet an organization’s needs while also being functional, easy to use and accessible. There is no one-size-fits-all integrated library system due to the diverse requirements of businesses and institutions.

Security will be be of paramount importance for most organizations. Others that host public-facing libraries may be less concerned with restricting or tracking access but more concerned with user convenience and mobile optimization.

Soutron develops database solutions customized to address organizational priorities. The Knowledge Core at the center of Soutron’s integrated library systems and archive management platforms can be leveraged by all types of businesses to fill the exact operational role required.

Flexibility, Customizability and Mobile Integrations

Ease of access tends to be a fundamental requirement for every integrated library system user. While usability may be important for every ILS, not every platform clears the hurdle in the same way.

For example, older legacy systems may force organizations to maintain their own hardware and IT staff to keep their database operational and up to date. Although Soutron’s use of the cloud instead of client-side hardware isn’t unique, it is an important feature.

Cloud storage offers a plethora of benefits:

  • No in-house IT or hardware support is required
  • Businesses and institutions aren’t required to pay for and maintain their own database hardware
  • Local internet or power outages will have no affect on the database
  • Unbeatable uptime and reliability
  • Users can access the cloud-based integrated library system wherever they are in the world
  • Updates and product improvements can be implemented by Soutron without needing customer intervention
  • Data and files hosted elsewhere can be easily catalogued into Soutron’s integrated library system to further reduce hosting costs

Branded, Mobile-Friendly Search Portals

Every modern technology user expects mobile optimization. Responsiveness is so ubiquitous that it’s now jarring to visit a website that isn’t properly optimized on your mobile device. Legacy integrated library systems aren’t exactly renowned for their sleek, cutting-edge design and features, and they often lack mobile optimizations or offer poor, slap-dash solutions.

Soutron’s search portal is responsive, which means it looks great and functions well on mobile devices, tablets or desktops. It can also be branded as needed to match your organization’s style guide. Soutron search portals can even be integrated into third-party feeds, links and search.

Equally important for some organizations is the ability to customize multiple search portals for different end users on the same database. The modern, intuitive search functionality of Soutron’s integrated library system makes it an ideal self-service solution.

This user-friendly approach to design reduces the workload for administrators, librarians, archivists or any other staff members who would otherwise spend their hours troubleshooting and answering questions.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Organizations want platforms that can maintain the highest levels of security while also providing automated login for regular end users. SSO is so widely available that many people take it for granted, but it is a feature that impacts platform and user security. It should be thoughtfully built and managed. Soutron’s SSO can be customized based on the unique needs and preference of your internal IT experts.

Our integrated library systems are designed to operate with accepted SSO protocols like SAML, AD and ADFS. We’re also happy to work with organizations on custom, in-house or third-party membership authentication solutions for their ILS.

Ease of Data Migration

Data migration is a big job. It frequently represents one of the primary challenges facing organizations that still use older legacy databases. These organizations may want a modern ILS that better meets their users’ needs but assume migrating all their data safely and securely is an insurmountable roadblock.

We’ve built a system that accepts a variety of formats, including XML, MARC21 and CSV. Our data migration team can also provide as much assistance as your organization needs to execute the transition, including:

  • Data cleaning
  • Setting relationships between data elements and records
  • Applying scripts
  • Building vocabularies

Our metadata experts and migration teams have helped many clients with their migrations, and we can certainly assist yours as well.

Learn More About Our Integrated Library System

Is your organization ready for a new, modern database with productivity-enhancing features? Find out how Soutron’s ILS can be an asset for your business by scheduling a demo.


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