Courthouse Libraries BC Selects Soutron Global

Multi-site Legal Library to Migrate from SirsiDynix®

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces that Courthouse Libraries British Columbia has selected Soutron Global as their multi-site library software solution, replacing automation software products from SirsiDynix®. The Courthouse Libraries is a not-for-profit society funded by the Law Society of BC and the Law Foundation of BC, Canada. They help the legal community as well as the general public find and use legal information, providing support to 22 local legal libraries, 5 regional legal libraries and 2 legal resource libraries.

As part of their strategic goals, the Courthouse Libraries strive to shape their digital offerings, collections and physical space to meet the diversity of needs in the legal communities they serve. In particular, they were delighted to discover the ease by which legal knowledge can be enhanced, cataloged and shared effectively with the Soutron Global legal library system.

“As an organization, we value innovation, collaboration, enthusiasm and knowledge sharing – and we feel that Soutron is a good fit for us. Soutron impressed us with how closely they listened to our library system’s priorities and responded with a library management system approach targeted to our specific needs,” states Mandy Ostick, Director, Digital Library, Courthouse Libraries BC. “I’m confident Soutron has the people and the tools to help us meet our goal: to meet our clients where they are to enhance access and provide effective use of legal information and tools.”

“At Soutron, we understand the difficulties associated with meeting the needs of diverse sets of clients, and our flexible legal library solution should easily help the Courthouse Libraries meet and exceed their strategic goals,” says Tony Saadat, CEO and President of Soutron Global.


About Soutron Global

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