Energy Institute switches to Soutron from InMagic®

Soutron Library & Knowledge Management solution to help Energy Institute (EI) meet strategic goals

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces that the Royal chartered Energy Institute (EI) has chosen to switch from Inmagic® to Soutron for their Library and Knowledge Management solution. The EI is the professional membership body for the energy industry, supporting over 16,000 individuals and 250 companies across 100 countries.

“The EI is pleased to be building upon our long-standing relationship with Soutron, dating back some 20 years. Our partnership with Soutron and their experience and knowledge of the EI meant they have been able to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets our specific needs. This new system will enable us to search, present and relate data and information to ensure an increased level of interaction for our members,” states Gareth Parkes, Knowledge Manager, Energy Institute (EI). “The team at Soutron has been approachable, engaging and easy to work with. For a development project with a number of intricacies, the Soutron team worked hard to manage these complexities and find solutions to any challenges we have thrown at them. We look forward to continuing to work with Soutron to enhance the capacity and capability of our new system.”

Graham Beastall, Soutron’s Managing Director comments, “Soutron has a long history with the Energy Institute and we are very excited to build on our past successes and power into the future with them.”

The strategic goals of the EI include facilitation of the development and dissemination of energy knowledge in addition to good practices to energy professionals, students, and the general public in order to support a secure, sustainable energy system. It does so by offering learning and networking opportunities to all those studying or working in energy and by providing a scientific and technical reservoir of knowledge for the industry. The proven Soutron Knowledge Management software will allow the EI to give their members greater accuracy and freedom of access to their resources.

“We are delighted to have been selected to help the EI improve and streamline their library processes, and are looking forward to providing the levels of good practice and professionalism that the EI champions within the energy sector,” states Soutron Global President & CEO, Tony Saadat.


About the Energy Institute

The Energy Institute (EI) is the leading chartered professional membership body for the energy industry, supporting over 16,000 individuals working in or studying energy and 250 energy companies worldwide. The EI provides learning and networking opportunities to support professional development, as well as professional recognition and technical and scientific knowledge resources on energy in all its forms and applications. The EI’s purpose is to develop and disseminate knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safe, secure and sustainable energy system. A registered charity, the EI serves society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters. For more information, please visit


About Soutron Global

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