Introducing the Newest Version of Soutron: 4.1.3

We are pleased to announce the latest software update to Soutron is ready! This update provides new features to make your search experience even better, including new image thumbnail and citation display options, social sharing capabilities, improved SEO features and much more.

These latest enhancements are the result of listening to our client’s needs, helping us to provide a world class library, archive and information management solution.

Improvements and New Additions in Soutron 4.1.3


Soutron 4.1.3 introduces great new features and improvements to the Soutron Search Portal:


  • Choice to View Search Results in Citation style or the standard Grid style

Introducing the Citation View for Search Results! Combined with the new Search Result Field Groups, the new Citation View allows you to display your records in a horizontal layout. You can even enhance your results with images!

Soutron 4.1.3 Citation View


  • View images and book covers in Search Results

Introducing the Thumbnail display for Search Results! Showcase images, book covers and more while including all of the informational fields you desire.

Soutron 4.1.3 Thumbnail View


  • Preview a record without opening it

Introducing Record Preview for Search Results! Enable your users to peek at the record from the Search Results. Design the preview based on your users’ needs by controlling the fields they see.

Soutron 4.1.3 Preview


  • Combine fields in one display column

Introducing Field Groups for Search Results! For example, combine Title and Subtitle or Publisher and Publication Date in the same display column.

Soutron 4.1.3 Field Groups


  • View copy information without having to open the record.

Introducing the Copy Preview feature for Search Results! Simply preview the number of copies available directly from the Search Results.

Soutron 4.1.3 Copy Information Preview


  • Enhanced result sorting

Introducing Advanced Sorting for your Soutron Portal Search Results! Define multi-level sorts with custom display names.

Soutron 4.1.3 Enhanced Search Result Sorting


  • Promote your collection on Social media

Introducing the new Share functionality! Quickly and simply share public facing records across a wide range of social networks.

Soutron 4.1.3 Social Share Tools


This new ability is a fantastic way to engage with your users and allow them to share their findings via Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – and more.


Other updates include:


Portal Meta and Title tags can now be configured to improve SEO ratings

For those keen to raise their online presence and increase search engine placements, you can now edit your Search Portal Meta Title and Meta Description fields. Set up your own Meta tag content and assign fields. This feature is great in combination with the new social media sharing buttons for enhancing your online presence.


Call Number (Shelf Reference) look up based on Classification

Have you ever wanted to auto-assign a shelf reference based on a classification?  Using the Classification Thesaurus you can create a classification scheme based on prefixes and a numerical sequence.  Assign your new call number by simply selecting the appropriate classification for your record and letting the system generate an incremental number.


General Enhancements

Our releases are always chalk full of updates, fixes and enhancements. Contact your Soutron Account Manager for more details.


Interested in Learning More?


Soutron Global’s latest Soutron release makes knowledge management and searching simple and user-friendly. Soutron 4.1.3’s enhancements enable users to easily identify the items they are looking for, enhancing their search experience.

Contact Soutron Global today to learn how Soutron 4.1.3 can enhance your Library, Resource Center, Museum or Archive, or Knowledge Management system.