Soutron Global Compliant With RDA Standard

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces full compliance with the new cataloging standard Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new preferred standard for library cataloging that succeeds the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2nd Edition (AACR2).

An exciting outcome of this new standard is the support for clustering bibliographic materials in order to show relationships between works and their creators and enabling the disclosure of different editions, abridgements, translations, or formats of any work.

“The flexible database framework used by Soutron provides organic support for RDA,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “This means that in addition to traditional library services, our transformative solution can easily be used by other information communities for information exploitation and knowledge management.”

The Soutron library and information management solution can adapt to any protocol that is required or decided upon by a special library, such as Dublin Core etc., due to a very adaptable database structure that accommodates different cataloging rules and styles.


About Soutron Global

As a client-driven company with strong award-winning leadership, Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”. Soutron Global partners with special libraries and information centers around the globe to transition them to digital technologies with innovative, easy-to-use high-quality products. Soutron Global can be found online at