Soutron Global Digital Library Services Selected by Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association

Copper Industry’s Leading Authoritative Information Source Selects Soutron Global to Help Provide for Library Growth and Change

San Diego, CA


International library transformation company Soutron Global announces the addition of Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CBBDA) to its growing global library information management client base. CBBDA, whose mission is to promote and develop the use of copper, is located in Ontario, Canada.

According to Mrs. Knapp, CBBDA Library Manager and Chantal Olynyk, Librarian, “We have chosen Soutron as a means to keep pace with the ever-changing technological world. Its user-friendly interface will meet our needs and the needs of our members for current and future cataloguing. We are impressed with their dedication and knowledge of their product as it applies to our requirements.”

“Our goal at Soutron Global has been to partner with our clients to manage library transformation by providing the best technology in the most cost effective manner,” says Tony Saadat, Soutron Global President and CEO. “We are extremely honored to have CBBDA join the Soutron Global family.”

CBBDA has a multi-level commitment to communicate the unique sustainable metal characteristics of copper, as well as copper’s role as a human health essential element. The Associations members include industrial and commercial users of copper and copper alloys, government agencies, educators, and the general public. To these members, CBBDA communicates issues affecting the copper industry, such as building codes, planning codes, electrical codes, environmental regulations, and health and safety matters.

In order to meet their information communication objective, the Association’s technical library and expertise are maintained and developed in order to be the major authoritative source of information regarding copper-based material production, fabrication, and applications. Since 1960, the library has curated holdings including a catalogue for information retrieval, technical periodicals and journals, monographs, proceedings, standards and codes, research reports, and communications. These holdings enable CBBDA to authoritatively act as a communications and advisory group for the copper industry, providing knowledge management services.

In order to continue to be a leading source of information regarding copper and copper alloy applications, the CBBDA technical library recently selected the Soutron Global digital library and information management software solution.


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