Watch Deb Hunt, Past SLA President Discuss DAM Librarians

Did you miss the June 2nd webinar with Deb Hunt, former SLA President, on DAM Librarians?

If you did, you don’t have to worry. You can watch the webinar right here!

Librarians are perfectly suited to organize digital assets for findability and reuse, positively contributing to the bottom line of any organization. Their transferable skill set can easily shift to create order out of chaos, changing unorganized information into useful knowledge.

Watch the webinar with Deb below! There are some amazing pictures and we’re so glad Deb was able to share her story with us.

Did you find this webinar useful? During these difficult times, Soutron Global is putting together a series of educational webinars for the Information & Library Communities. Visit our Events page for the next webinar in the series!

Deb Hunt Discusses Strategic Value for Librarians & Info Pros

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