Watch Into the Unknown: Information Management in the Next Normal with Richard Hulser

Many of us have heard the term “the next normal” being tossed around recently. But what does “the next normal” mean? Especially for information professionals and knowledge services.

This strategy focus is now being regularly discussed by many of the large consulting groups (McKinsey, Boston Group, etc.). These consulting groups talk about business in ‘the next normal’ as there will be no going back to whatever ‘normal’ was a year ago.


Information Services and “The Next Normal”

With all that in mind, what does this mean for information services and the professionals providing those services in their organizations? It’s a challenge to be sure. It is also a tremendous opportunity as info pros already have the savvy skills to work effectively in a virtual environment using tools and services already in their toolkit [such as those provided by your company]. The world is finally catching up to how providing services virtually can be of tremendous value and info pros should be seen as an important element of success.

Thankfully Richard Hulser has taken this the opportunity to review this new phrase and what it means for the information management community in a Soutron Global Educational Webinar.

During the webinar many of the core points will be drawn from the challenges of businesses of all types – and information services should certainly be part of the bigger picture. Tools and services that are already architected for the virtual environment have a big advantage to addressing such challenges.


Watch the Webinar

If you missed Richard Hulser’s presentation on April 20th, we’ve got you covered. Watch the presentation below and download the PowerPoint slides for some great resources that Richard has put together for everyone.

Did you find this webinar useful? During these difficult times, Soutron Global is putting together a series of educational webinars for the Information Management & Library Communities. Visit our Events page for the next webinar in Soutron Global’s Pandemic Recovery Program Webinar series.

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