Watch New Metrics Provide Added Value for Published Research with Richard Hulser

Specialized organizations are moving beyond traditional bibliometrics to demonstrate value and further the organizational mission in creative and innovative ways. Use of scholarly metrics is no longer a value element just for promotion and tenure dossiers in academia. Many organizations are beginning to utilize research impact metrics to further their goals and objectives, providing accountability to funders, who are often the tax paying public.

Consultant Richard Hulser provides an overview of metrics used for analyzing research visibility and utilization in specialized organizations. Richard focuses on a scholarly metrics proof of concept project implemented in a museum environment.

Details of this and other projects can be found in the recently published book The New Metrics: Practical Applications of Research Impact, edited and compiled by Elaine Lasda, Associate Librarian at the University of Albany.


Richard HulserBiography

Richard Hulser is president of Richard P. Hulser Consulting. He has expertise regarding scholarly research analytics with altmetrics, library and archives management, content licensing, technology strategy planning, vendor partnerships and negotiations, and digital library management. He comments on these topics through his blog Richard is also an SIIA Certified Contents Rights Manager and a Fellow of Special Libraries Association.