Watch Tips on Writing Your Copyright Compliance Policy: 7 Essential Tips with Lesley Ellen Harris

Soutron Global is proud to have Lesley Ellen Harris of as the September 2020 Webinar guest speaker!

Copyright laws affect everyone in today’s digital age. Knowing how to put together guidelines or a full copyright policy is a great way to help your organization and increase your value. Learning how to create this policy is as easy as listening in to our expert guest speaker!

Watch  Lesley Ellen Harris discuss “What is a copyright policy?” and “Why each organization should have a written policy.”

During the webinar Lesley will also review the 7 essential tips for developing and writing a copyright compliance policy that works for your library and/or organization. You’ll complete the webinar with ideas on how to initiate interest in your organization on creating a policy, the contents of your policy, and how to use it as an educational document to keep your copyright risks to a minimum.



Download a copy of the PPT slides.


For 20 years, has been the go-to resource for copyright courses and education in plain English. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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