Digital Scanning and Meta Data Creation

Digital Scanning and Meta Data Creation

Convert your paper information into digital data with our comprehensive data capture solutions.

Improve searchability and shareability

Document scanning is an enabling technology for archives and businesses that need to capture information and securely distribute content in digital formats. Soutron takes a holistic approach to information management and digitisation and image capture is the engine room of successful information governance. Soutron’s database technologies provide the means to safely and flexibly store data and to search for information. Conversion of data from paper or electronic format is a critical part of the whole process.

Information is immediately under corporate control by digitising the physical paper or harnessing digitally created data at the first touch-point of a process. It can be brought quickly and securely into a work-flow and be readily available for use.

Some of the challenges of data capture are not immediately obvious. Experience and knowledge of market sectors is needed. That’s where we can help. We provide expert guidance throughout the whole lifecycle. Preparing for scanning, capturing metadata, indexing and making content searchable. and ready to use in work-flows. That’s what digitising information does for an organisation, it provides control to securely deliver information across devices.

Our solutions capture documents into digital formats and lower costs by using auto-classification tools. We help you create the right metadata schema and vocabularies so metadata is seamlessly loaded into a searchable database presented though a web site or custom portal.

To ensure adherence to quality standards each record’s integrity is important and that calls for a logistics approach to the scanning process.  Back-scanning coupled with process improvement.

Digital Scanning Process - Soutron

  • Project planning and implementation
  • Process design
  • Legal Compliance
  • Hardware and software selection
  • Authentication
  • Storage

Improving search is a critical factor in reuse, making information assets work harder. Our advanced data cleaning tools help weed out redundant, out-dated, and trivial (ROT) information.

Soutron has over 30 years experience in setting up and defining document scanning projects for legal firms, laboratories, government departments and advertising agencies. Scanning hardware and advanced handling software combined are part of the solution to put you in control of your data.