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Imagine a library. In its essence, a library meticulously tracks items, ensuring that every book, every document, every piece of information has its place and can be easily retrieved when needed. Now, replace those books with TV props, objects, IT equipment, film sets, tools, or fashion collections.

The core challenge remains the same: efficient tracking, management, and retrieval.

Are you juggling numerous physical assets daily, from tools to tech, and everything in between? Dive into the future with Soutron’s all-inclusive, cloud-based asset management system.

While the term “library” often evokes images of books and quiet reading rooms, the underlying system is about organizing, categorizing, and retrieving items efficiently. Soutron takes this proven methodology and applies it to any physical asset you wish to manage, ensuring that everything, from a rare film prop to a borrowed tool, is always at your fingertips.

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Why soutron for every

Asset-Driven Business

Always Online: Monitor, manage, and mobilize your assets from any location, at any time.
Escape the Spreadsheet Chaos: Transition seamlessly from tangled sheets to our straightforward platform.
Clear Asset Visibility: Instantly know what’s in stock, rented out, or due for return, ensuring no asset is ever lost.
Pinpoint Precision: Locate specific items swiftly, streamlining operations and minimizing downtime.
Total Security: Your asset data is more than numbers; it’s your business. We protect it with top-tier security features.

Quick Barcode Scanning

Simplify the check-in/check-out process, making asset transitions smooth.

Customizable Labels

Organize assets based on your business needs, whether by type, department, or location.

Detailed Asset Histories

Keep track of usage, loan periods, and maintenance schedules.

Visual Asset Overview

Attach photos for clearer identification and status comprehension.

Notification System

Always be on top of asset returns, maintenance, and other essential alerts.

Features Designed for

Broad-Spectrum Asset Management

Soutron has 30+ years of information management experience.

While our core users have traditionally been libraries and archives, the Soutron platform is extremely well suited to tracking physical items.



Soutron is established as the leader in our field because we see our software as we see our clients: striving to be the best.

No Hidden Costs

With Soutron you pay a single annual fee that includes all software maintenance, support and hosting services.

Continual Development

Your needs will change so our team is constantly adding new features and functionalities.

Everything in One Place

Soutron includes Cataloguing, Lending, Authority Control / Thesaurus and much more in one system.

Flexibility & Functionality

Gives you control over how you organize your physical assets and provides rapid access to your collections available online.

Security & Accessibility

Set security access permissions to restrict access or demand acknowledgement of copyright.


Perfect for Businesses Like

Tech Rental Companies

From laptops to accessibility technology, track your gear effortlessly.

Lending Libraries

Track your community lending inventory and allow users to see what’s available, before they make a trip.

Educational Institutions

Manage classroom tech, lab equipment, and more with ease.

Fashion Brands

Monitor collections, fabric samples, and entire lines as they move around the world ensuring nothing is amiss.

Plus other businesses with physical assets at their core!


Screen Shots

You can get some measure of the different approaches taken when deploying our technology by viewing some of our great client portals below.

Our software’s customizable templates are easy to learn how to use, making it straightforward for you to showcase your organizations assets online.

Ready to Improve Access to assets?

Elevate Your Asset Management with Unparalleled Organization

Every asset matters. With Soutron, never miss a beat. Experience the Future of Asset Management.


Easy for IT

As a cloud-based solution, we manage your collections safely & securely in the cloud, reducing the strain on your IT team.

Go Beyond...

Easily integrate Soutron with existing applications, providing a greater opportunity to serve teams across the whole organization.

30+ Years

Our expertise in asset management comes from over 30 years of working with all types of organizations and collections.

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Soutron Global Next Steps
Soutron Global Next Steps