Auditing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Usage in Legal Organizations

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Auditing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Usage in Legal Organizations:
New Vertical Files Podcast Episode from Soutron Global

Listen in on our podcast discussing the importance of auditing AI usage within organizations, hosted by John Connolly, MLS, PMP, with special guest Robin Rebollo, an innovative consultant and information professional.

As artificial intelligence continues to reshape industries, it is imperative for organizations to scrutinize their AI usage. In this insightful episode, Robin Rebollo, with over 25 years of experience in information management, libraries, and knowledge management, delves into the significance of auditing AI. Robin has a robust background in assisting legal and corporate clients in negotiating software-as-a-service (SaaS) contracts and optimizing subscriptions. She has implemented customized programs through knowledge consultancy and managed information services for top law firms and corporations. The focus of the interview is on her work auditing how organizations that provide legal research information use artificial intelligence.

Robin discusses the essential aspects of AI auditing, focusing on how legal organizations and law firms can ensure their vendors have risk management practices in place. The conversation emphasizes five key principles: human oversight, transparency, fairness, data privacy, and security. These principles are vital for mitigating risks associated with AI usage, such as misinformation and “hallucinations” produced by AI systems.

Regarding AI hallucinations, Robin emphasizes that: “The research risks associated with using open-data AI systems versus a closed-data model versus using in-house systems versus systems that are developed or maintained by vendors, or systems that are just out there collecting data that’s been sliced and diced and potentially made up – these are the fault lines”.

John agrees with her concerns, stating: “It’s the misinformation area that information professionals have been struggling with for years now could end up accelerating with machine learning,” which emphasizes the risks associated with AI use.

The podcast also highlights the broader implications of AI across various organizational functions, including HR, marketing, and sales. Robin provides practical advice on conducting simple yet effective audits to ensure vendors comply with best practices and policies.

Podcast Highlights:

• Understanding the importance of auditing AI usage in legal organizations.

• Key principles for AI auditing: human oversight, transparency, fairness, data privacy, and security.

• Practical steps for conducting AI audits.

• The impact of AI on various business functions and how to mitigate associated risks.

Listeners can tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for auditing AI usage in their organizations.

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