Frequently Asked Questions About ILS (Integrated Library Systems)

Do you have questions about Soutron’s Integrated Library System? We have answers.

Is the user search portal responsive?

Yes–the clean, attractive and easy-to-use search portal is responsive and looks great on any device, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. Customers can even build out separate portals customized for different types of users.

Can the ILS search box be embedded on a website?

Yes–it can be embedded on custom websites, WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint and any other content management system your organization uses.

What data exchange formats are supported?

Common data exchange formats like XML, MARC21 and CSV are supported, but we also develop solutions for clients with other data formats.

What if our metadata is a mess or inconsistent?

Our expert team excels at cleaning data to ensure a uniform and thorough transfer process from your old ILS to your new Soutron ILS. Some of our data curating services include:

  • Developing and deploying scripts to automate specific data transformations
  • Set client-requested relationships between certain data elements and records

We believe your data should be curated and presented in the way that will make the most sense and be easiest for your patrons to utilize.

How does hosting work? Do we need an internal solution for our Integrated Library System?

No–Soutron uses cloud-based hosting, which means you’ll never need hardware or internal IT support to manage it. Using a cloud solution also means your ILS can be accessed by users wherever they are in the world so long as they have an internet connection. However, we can provide Soutron in-premise if your legal teams or organization policies specify on site use only.

What is your Integrated Library System support like?

Fast, thorough and informative. You and your users have access to a comprehensive Help Desk as well as an online portal, community pages, a navigable knowledgebase plus email, live chat and phone support.

Can users save searches or create reading lists?

Of course–users can create saved searches, favorite collections, set up RSS feeds and make full use of a diverse array of My Account functionalities. The self-service approach to the end-user experience makes searchers happier and more comfortable with the platform and saves your staff significant time by not having to help with those types of requests.

Do I need multiple Integrated Library Systems if we have multiple branches and locations?

No–our ILS is a multi-library, multi-country solution. You can customize your ILS so patrons of different branches or those located in different countries have access. Search results can be tailored for relevancy to patrons of specific locations or branches. You can have many different customized search portals, even in different languages and use of our unlimited multilingual thesauri.

Is copyright protection functionality in your ILS?

Absolutely–you can set copyright notices, present license terms that must be acknowledged for a user to access data in your Integrated Library System. Access and acknowledgements are recorded in your database, and individual file access requests can be dependent on administrative approval.

Access control and security measures are highly customizable down to the granular level to ensure customers have tight control of search portal permissions.

What standards of cataloguing are supported by Soutron’s ILS?

RDA, AACR2, ISAD(g)* Dublin Core and many other cataloguing standards are supported through our platform. Developing a solution that accommodates the user is of utmost importance to our team. You can implement standards easily through your platform’s preferences.

*For archives.

Can multiple languages be supported in a single ILS?

Yes–a patron’s menus and search results can be displayed in their preferred language. The database was built to support Unicode characters for all Western character sets as well as Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and Kanji.

Can I get a free demo of Soutron’s ILS?

We’re happy to show what our platform can do for prospective clients through our free demo. Please don’t hesitate to call our team at 760-870-4243. You can also contact us through our website to request additional information.

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