What is an Archive Management System?

Archive Management Software (AMS) allows your customers, members, users or even the general public to find materials in your library or archive. These materials could be journals, reports, images, articles, objects, rare items, audio-visual materials, eBooks or any other kind of documents your users need to locate and access. All managed as digital or physical assets within the management system.

An AMS also allows your organization to establish structured relationships between types of data, such as fonds, series folders and items.

Soutron’s Archive Management Software even allows you to have your archive indexed by Google or be shared on social media platforms (if you have a public-facing archive and your organization wants to enable that functionality).

What Makes Soutron Archive the Ideal Solution for So Many Organizations?

Support, customizable data structures and flexible features set Soutron’s Archive Management Software apart from our competitors. Would you prefer to use your own style to structure content instead of ISAD(g) standards? Our team can help with that. Is it important for certain defined relationships to exist between various series and sub-series level documents in your archive? That’s not a problem.

Our archives also offer robust copyright control features to ensure you can strictly regulate who can see and/or download specific materials. These controls are fully customizable to ensure your data is protected without making it difficult to access for users with the proper allowances.

How Does Soutron Archive Management Software Display Results?

The archive management portal can be customized based on the types of data you’re storing and your own preferences. The Search Portal is fully mobile and tablet friendly and easy to navigate on any device.

You can even incorporate existing audio or video content from your YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud accounts so they display along with other results in your archive portal.

How Can You Transfer Existing Data Sets Over to Your Soutron Archive Management Software?

This is a common challenge that often prevents customers from investing in an upgraded Archive Management solution. Some organizations might put off changing antiquated systems because they assume the process is too time intensive or even impossible to accomplish.

We make data conversion extraordinarily easy and seamless. Thousands of successful data set conversations have made our team truly master-level experts at the task.

You have every reason to be concerned about consistency and accuracy when it comes to converting a system that you’ve already tweaked and honed for years. We appreciate your concerns and work within your parameters to complete your data conversion to your standards.

Once it’s done, you’ll have an archive with controlled vocabularies and customized thesauri that offers exceptional usability and accuracy to searchers.

Does Our Organization Need Internal IT Support for Soutron’s Archive Management Software?

It’s unnecessary thanks to our robust Help Desk capabilities. Our goal is to offer an entirely turnkey solution that meets every client’s needs, including cloud hosting and platform support. We can be your users’ single point of contact for any issues or questions.

What Functionalities Does Soutron’s Archive Management Software Offer?

Our archive system doesn’t require user data to fit narrow format requirements. You can create entry templates for all different types of physical or digital data capture, including:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Images
  • Photographs
  • Documents
  • Audio-visual content
  • eBooks
  • Nearly any other format of data you need

The seamless and consistent interface throughout the software makes it easy to learn and use. Cataloguing and indexing your organization’s data has never been easier.

Many of the data entry tasks are modified thanks to the software’s ability to quickly capture metadata / EXIF data from:

  • Images
  • External sources
  • Scanned files
  • Electronic documents

Archive search functionalities also allow for easy filtering, with simple-to-use facets, a date slider and various quick-browse options.

Organizations with rare and valuable items and those that may need to track access requests can do so with a variety of functions, including a “book-a-time-to-view” feature.

The software also offers full text indexing for documents and PDFs, as well as a built-in PDF viewer.

Ready for an Archive Management Software Demo from the Soutron Global Team?

You can request a demo of our Archive Management Software or get more information by contacting our team at 760-870-4243.

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