What is an Integrated Library System?

Integrated Library Systems have traditionally been used by libraries as digital cataloging platforms for books, journals and other materials that needed to be easily found, lent out and eventually returned by the patron.

All those actions, in addition to inventory acquisition, needed to be tracked, which had to be done by hand prior to the MARC (machine-readable cataloging) standards of the 1960s and 1970s. MARC led to the eventual computerization of library systems.

Digitally Integrated Library Systems greatly simplified a variety of tasks thanks to robust modules that could be built out and customized based on organizational needs. Everything from the acquisition and cataloging of materials to circulation tracking can be customized by organizational decision makers.

Use One Database for Multiple Audiences

Does your organization need separate access for collaborators, partners, paid members and staff? Soutron’s fully customizable search portal can be siloed off based on your organization’s unique needs.

Compatible With Common Data Formats

Being able to migrate existing indexes easily without losing records or metadata is frequently a requirement for organizations seeking a new Integrated Library System platform. Soutron’s straightforward data migration process is compatible with:

  • XML
  • MARC21
  • CSV
  • And more

Does your data need to be cleaned during the exchange process? Our team can help.

Access on Any Device, Anywhere and at Any Time

The responsive Library Search Portal makes it both attractive and functional on all types of modern devices, including mobile devices, tablets and desktops. It’s designed with the cloud in mind, ensuring your users can access the library wherever there’s an internet connection.

Using the cloud also means you won’t have to deal with hardware headaches like IT support or future upgrades. Support and all product upgrades and enhancements are provided during the license period.

Multiple Location-Specific Portals

Do different locations or departments require search results tailored to their needs or curated according to relevance? Soutron’s search portal customization allows for users to be automatically directed to the appropriate portal based on country, office, organizational position or other relevant user factors.

Build Your Own Contextual Search

Might different users search the same thing using different keywords of terminology? Soutron’s customizable thesaurus lets you configure term relationships to improve the relevance of users search results.

Robust Saved Search and Reading List Capabilities

For some end users, being able to establish reading lists and bookmarks is vital. Soutron’s platform supports a variety of potential options, including RSS feeds, favorites, saved searches and other “My Account” functionality and collaborative features.

Copyright Protection

Do users who want to download copyrighted material need to view or acknowledge licensing terms on your library platform? Soutron’s ILS can do that too.

Integrate a Library Search Widget Into Your Website

Allow visitors of your website to easily search your library through a convenient widget. Soutron widgets are compatible with many content management systems, including WordPress and Joomla.

Support and Training

The exceptional functionality of a platform isn’t worth much if users can’t figure out how to make use of the features. We’ve developed several training options, including real-time, interactive online training. Users can also access our on-demand training videos to learn about features or get a refresher on their uses.

In addition to comprehensive training, clients can also reach Help Desk support through live chat, telephone and email. Our Help Desk team members are based out of the UK, USA and Canada. Clients can also visit the Help Desk portal to find a wealth of support assistance in our community pages and knowledgebase.

Find Out of Soutron’s ILS Solution Is Right for Your Organization

Are you ready to see a demo of your future Integrated Library System? Contact your local Soutron representative today to learn about the Integrated Library System we can build for you.

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