Latest Software Update – Soutron Version 4.1.6

Soutron 4.1.6 UpdateWe are pleased to announce the latest software update to Soutron is now available, version 4.1.6. This update includes many enhancements and new features as well as security updates and general improvements. Details can be found below.

The new capabilities are the result of using agile development and working closely with, and listening to, clients’ needs. Our goal continues to provide a world class combined library, archive, knowledge and information management solution.

Introducing the latest updates and features

Search Portal

The Search Portal sees further enhancements and features based on client requests and feedback we have received.

New Facet Search Feature

Help your users find records quickly and easily with our brand-new facet search feature.

Close up of Soutron Facet Search Filters

(Click to view larger image)

When a patron is presented with their search results, additional selectable options are shown to allow them to simply narrow down the results even further.

Perhaps by Author, Subject, Publisher or even to include results that contain attachments, or not.

You have full control over which facets are used and how they are presented in search results.



Soutron Search Results Facets Filter

You can change the order of appearance and also show the number of results available, in brackets, should they decide to select a specific filter.


New Date Slider / Selector

Part of the new facet search feature includes our new data slider / selector.

A Close Up of Soutron Date Slider

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Allow your patrons to narrow down the search results with a simple, easy to use date slider.

The date slider can be used against any date field, ideal for collections or archives where you can help users by filtering by date periods.


Soutron Search Results Date Slider Filter


PDF Document Viewer

Our new on page PDF document viewer is available, ideal for those whose collections include attached PDF documents.

When viewing a record, that contains a PDF file, you have the option to display the PDF on the same page, alongside the meta content.


Soutron Embedded PDF Viewer

This removes the need for patrons of the Search Portal to have Adobe Reader installed on their device. They can read through the PDF and, where permissions are granted, can also print / download the PDF.


Soutron Admin

New Catalogue Entry and Edit

New Soutron Catalogue Entry Form

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As we move towards a whole new cataloguing module in Soutron, the first phase is now available today. Our new catalogue entry (and edit) form is available and is part of our new admin pages. You can now take advantage of these new clean, easy to use features to help you and your team enter new records quickly and efficiently into Soutron.

Attach documents, images and PDFs by drag ‘n’ drop. Inline edit and a new rich text editor are all part of this new and very easy to use interface. You can also present a quick entry form or ‘show all fields’ toggle, should you wish to allow users to fill additional fields.

All of these features are under your control, allowing you to stipulate how items are created, presented and shown in what order to those you provide access to the cataloguing workflows in Soutron.

New Rich Text Editor

Our new, easier to use rich text editor is now used throughout the Admin and Portal parts of the system.

New Rich Text Editor


Validation List – Updates

  • Validation list maintenance has now moved to our new admin interface.
  • Entries in a validation list can now be set as record type specific.
  • It is now possible to configure linked validation lists where child list values are dependent on the parent value selected.
  • It is now possible to delete entries from a validation list even if it is used by records. Doing so will remove the value from records. You will be prompted to enter a username for confirmation of the action.

Other updates include

  • It is now possible to change the name of submitted documents in End User Submissions/Document Review
  • Within End User Submissions/Document Review functions, submitters can now upload new versions during the review step and a new email notification feature is available for a delegator for a review, once a review is marked as complete.
  • Ability to change book to view request date and loan date on the active/awaiting collection tabs

These are just a few of the highlights of 4.1.6. An extensive list of further updates and enhancements, including fixes and improvements, can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Please note

We will not update any instance of Soutron without your permission.
Please visit our support site where you can request an upgrade to take place at a time convenient to you.

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