Latest Software Update – Soutron Version 4.1.7

NEW Soutron 4.1.7 Update!

We are pleased to announce the release of Soutron version 4.1.7

This update includes many new features, improvements and security updates. Details can be found below.

The new capabilities are the result of agile development techniques and listening to clients’ needs. We continue to strive towards providing a world class combined library, archive, knowledge, and information management solution.

Introducing the latest updates and features

New Thesaurus

The completely reengineered Thesaurus module features greater display real estate for searching and displaying information along with improved navigation.

  • Complete re-design
  • New API
  • Drag & drop for creating relationships
  • Custom thesaurus field support
  • Recent edits list
  • Faster workflows & editing
  • Improved search/suggestion

New Soutron Thesaurus Module!

(Click to View)

New Soutron Thesaurus Module!

(Click to View)

The new Thesaurus module simplifies workflows and reduces clicks while providing greater flexibility than ever for information management.

Other updates include

  • General security improvements
  • Date Facet improvements
  • Rich Text Editor further improvements (admin)
  • Audio & Video media can now be embedded into portal record views by linking to an external URL

These are just a few of the highlights of 4.1.7. An extensive list of further updates and enhancements, including fixes and improvements, can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Please note

We will not update any instance of Soutron without your permission.
Please visit our support site where you can request an upgrade to take place at a time convenient to you.

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