Leading Engineering Co. Selects Soutron over Lucidea

Soutron Global Press Release

For Immediate Release: 21st September 2022
Embargo: None

We are pleased to announce that a North American, leading engineering company has chosen to upgrade to Soutron and leave the Lucidea platform.

With engineers, scientists, and technical specialists across North America helping their clients develop, manage, and restore natural resources across a variety of industries. Projects range from iron-ore mines, wind power farms, and water resources, to oil-sands fields and more.

Engineering companies can take advantage of Soutron’s core flexibility to provide:

  • Separate, secure information center portals for clients and employees
  • Information resource centers containing up-to-date information for each industry served
  • Archives of project materials developed for special projects, each containing a diverse number of documents, file types, images, and more
  • A single search portal where scientists, engineers, and designers can perform a single search and access engineering, research, and customer reports to help clients identify and solve problems
  • A facility for scientists, engineers, and designers to upload and submit their own project materials to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing

“With yet another leading engineering organization selection of Soutron illustrates the breadth of industries Soutron Global serves,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “I am delighted to see them join a growing number of engineering and research firms using Soutron.”

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