Soutron Global Puts Thought Leadership on Display at the Chatham House Library

Soutron helps take Chatham House library services outside of the library catalog to support departmental business functions

Soutron Global announces that the Library and Information Services team at Chatham House have extended their use of Soutron outside of the library catalog, helping to support the Chatham House mission of helping governments and society to build a sustainably secure, prosperous, and just world.

The Library and Information Services team at Chatham House supports that mission by facilitating access to a wide range of information resources to both staff, members of the Institute, and the wider public. It also helps the business as a whole with advice and support on information and records management which has been possible with the power and flexibility offered by Soutron.

“The Chatham House usage of Soutron illustrates how Soutron can be used outside of the library,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “They know how flexible Soutron is, that we listen to their needs, and that we will provide a solution.”

Since 2016, the Library and Information Services team has worked on making the most of Soutron’s capabilities through several projects:

  • Using Soutron to create a database of research projects which could be accessed by staff, eliminating department information silos
  • Using Soutron to embed research PDFs and event multimedia files, providing users the greatest possible access
  • Integration of the library into the Publication teams workflow to create Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for the Institute’s published output to make it more accessible and easier for external authors to cite.
  • Automatic capture and cataloging of Expert Comments published on the Chatham House website via XML

Chatham House Case Study

After Chatham House started using Soutron, the Library team has taken it from being simply a library catalogue to also being an institutional repository with multimedia embedded into the records, a tool for managing the Institute’s archive, and working across departments to support a number of business functions within the organisation.

“Since bringing Soutron onboard, the software has saved our library team huge amounts of time,” states David Bates, Library and Information Services Manager at Chatham House.

Find out more in the latest Chatham House Case Study


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