Introducing the NEW Soutron 4.1 Software Update

New Soutron 4.1 Update

For the first time since Soutron Library Management System was released in 2010, Soutron has redesigned both the Acquisitions and Serials from the ground up. It’s the innovative choice for those looking to embrace what comes next in Library automation.

But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond the brand-new Acquisitions and Serials functions, the new interface and design that this brings sets a new precedent in new innovative workflows that sets the scene for how the application will be re-engineered as we move forward with our exciting new development plans.


A standard above the rest

Get to know our software that introduces a new form of practicality, offering faster processing of data, ease of use and features than any other library automation system for special and corporate libraries. Soutron Acquisitions has every facility that you want and need, create, amend, cancel and control receipt and budgeting in every way you need. Watch our product demo to take a deeper look at the following features and more:

  • Soutron 4.1 Administration ScreensSingle form order management
  • Simply cancel and un-receive orders and check-ins
  • Fast screen performance
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Simple navigation
  • Automated budget allocation
  • Fast & Simple Check In
  • Automated and streamlined Invoicing process
  • Standardised Distribution for all order types Incl. Electronic distribution lists with Portal links
  • All new functions under one roof!


Process Data Faster

With this new, second generation, Soutron v4.1 update makes library work easier and faster with a friendlier and more forgiving user interface, making it easier to learn and use than any other comparable system. The engineering behind this system is world class, using the latest programming and web technology standards available today. Future-proofing your information management system and bring productivity levels to new heights for library managers.

The new system is faster, has fewer forms, needs fewer clicks with more functionality than the version it replaces. It’s the perfect solution for libraries under pressure to do more with less.

Faster Hierarchical Archive Tree Loading with Soutron

For those with larger databases and extensive hierarchical trees, loading times have vastly increased as you can see in the animated example above.

A visual representation of further records loading also helps users see what is happening when they open up a new record within a hierarchy.                 


A New User Experience

The new user interface is clean, consistent, using white space and colour to signpost users to functions in a way that minimises the need for formal training.

Soutron Acquisitions Serials Screenshot

This User Interface is the new face to Soutron and is being extended across all areas of the Soutron Library system.

The speed with which a staff member can navigate and record transactions is impressive and brings the same level of speed and performance to a web browser application that was available in Windows software applications.

Uniquely Soutron employs the same processes to record orders for physical or electronic materials, online subscriptions (virtual copies), books or serials follow the same process.

This new capability is delivered in a new release version 4.1 which contains more features and functions to aid other aspects of library work. These are equally important contributions to increasing library efficiency but in other areas including loans, stock control and search.

More time and attention has been invested in testing and preparing this release of Soutron than any other release in our history. It has been extensively tested and revised to meet the needs of both individual and multi-location libraries, in the UK and beyond.


Descriptive DatesSoutron Descriptive Dates for Library & Archives

This new release brings onboard the eagerly awaited descriptive dates function. Providing users of the search portal a fantastic and immediately recognisable way to explore collections online.

Locate date related materials and content with ease!



Soutron Inventory Stock Check Update 4.1Inventory/Stock check

Every library does It and most use reports to identify stock missing from their collection, prepare to throw them away! Enter Soutron’s New Inventory module.

Simply scan in all the barcodes on your shelf, set up a few parameters based on the collection or location you are performing the stock check for and leave the rest to us!

  • We will identify which records should be on the shelf but are not, and if you wish mark them as missing
  • We will return any items that are currently on loan but were found on the shelf
  • We will restore any deleted record if the item is still on the shelf
  • We will even tell you if you scanned a barcode that doesn’t exist in the system

Then, get an export of your stock check with a list of actions taken against each of your copies.

Information Management Beyond Library

Soutron have been working alongside information professionals for nearly 30 years and with it comes a level of expertise and understanding we are keen to share.

At the core of the system is our flexible database capable of managing a variety of data including but not limited to archives, library management, records management, know how, competitor analysis, decision support, legal precedents and much more.


New Information Management System by SoutronExperience the future of Library Automation

To better understand and see the future in library and information management, get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration of the all new Soutron 4.1 update today.



Next Steps

We trust the above information has provided an insight into what is possible with the latest updates at Soutron.

Next steps

  • Call, email or download further information todayDownload our Fact Sheets and Case Studies
  • Contact us and tell us more about your particular needs
  • Request a demonstration to see in action and better understand Soutron Software
  • We can even take a look at any sample data you provide
  • Request a quotation for a solution customised to your exact needs.




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