Soutron Global Announces Immediate Availability of New Cataloguing Functionality

Soutron Global Press Release

For Immediate Release: 23rd January 2023
Embargo: None

January 23, 2023 – San Diego, CA – International library, archives, information, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the immediate availability of new cataloguing functionality. This new functionality provides a cleaner view of augmented cataloguing workflows, taking advantage of screen real estate to eliminate pop-ups and remove the need to jump to another editing screen in the workflow.

The Soutron Information Management System bibliographic records can have more fields than a typical bibliographic record, allowing more custom information to be recorded, including rich text informational entries that are easily created and managed. This flexibility allows for a single content type to have multiple record types, with different record templates for different content types such as annual reports, books, webinars, research papers and more.

Included with the new cataloguing functionality is easier management of metadata thesaurus entries, which governs the acceptable metadata fields for authors, editors, etc. These thesaurus metadata fields can be grouped for easy maintenance.

Also included is updated drag & drop functionality throughout for images and documents. Even lists can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping items.

“Tool tips” can be created for any field that appear on-screen while cataloguing . This is helpful if you have volunteers or more inexperienced staff cataloguing . These tips can be printed out to create a cataloguing manual customized for your special collection, so your cataloguing helpers understand what information they need to have on hand to catalogue the item.

“This new cataloguing functionality, which is available now, is an example of how well we listen to our clients,” states Tony Saadat, President & CEO of Soutron Global. “Many special libraries and archives are being challenged to accomplish more with less resources and expense. The streamlined cataloguing workflows provide for just that.”

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