8 Signs that you are an Excellent Librarian

8 Signs you are an Excellent Librarian

You may take these for granted or they may be skills that you have learned and polished over the years in your chosen career as a librarian. But what indicators and signs show that you really are excellent at what you do?

1 – Your attention to detail. As they say the devil is in the detail and you never leave a page unturned in your quest to source the content anyone requests from you.
2 – You have great organisational skills when it comes to data and structure, otherwise how would you function so well in your role?
3 – You have a natural ability to extrapolate information by asking the right questions when a user needs assistance with their enquiry.
4 – You have carried out your own research and know your sources are trusted. You need to know your information and data is validated.
5 – You make sure the library and area you find yourself immersed in is fully visible to all those who need to find you and at the right times.
6 – You think beyond the traditional library! You consider how your organisation can benefit from integrating with your client base
7 – You build relationships with your suppliers to find cost effective and efficient methods.
8 – This may be obvious to some but you always listen first and then ask at least twice as many questions… it is after all, the Enquiry Interview!

So, have we covered all the signs that make you a great librarian? What did we miss? We would love to hear how you excel in your role.

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