Maximising the Potential of Your Soutron Application: 20 Key Additions and Their Benefits

Soutron Add-Ons and Enhancements

Soutron software offers a comprehensive suite of add-on products and services that enhance its library, archive, and information resource management platform.

Adding additional functionality can significantly improve your organisation’s efficiency, user experience, and data management capabilities. Here is a breakdown of the benefits each add-on product or service can offer:

Product add-ons:

  1. Add simultaneous staff user licenses to provide enhanced accessibility by allowing more users to access the system simultaneously, facilitating better collaboration and workflows.
  2. Embed the Soutron Search Widget in other platforms such as SharePoint, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to facilitate information retrieval, encouraging more interaction with your library or archive resources.
  3. Acquisitions & Subscription/Serials Management provides a comprehensive order processing wizard for all types of materials and assets.
  4. Soutron Discovery Services: users can search across multiple resources from a single interface to gain access to real-time information.
  5. Soutron Peer Document Review provides for the management of digital documents submitted to peers for review and approval, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of all document versions and comments
  6. Soutron Summariser extracts metadata from text-based documents and creates the record within the Soutron databases, complete with a summary of the document.
  7. Circulations (Loans and Request Asset Tracking) easily tracks the circulation of books and magazines, toys, sports equipment, IT equipment and other items.
  8. Soutron Bibliographic Meta Enrichment. Automatically enrich bibliographic data dynamically to improve the level of information available to searchers and end users.
  9. Add additional storage to increase capacity to securely store more data and images stored directly on the Soutron server, accommodating growing information needs

    Additional Services:

  10. Add new departmental data sets to provide for other departmental information needs by adding tailored data sets to improve library or archive relevancy and usability.
  11. Data Conversion assistance to transition data from old systems to Soutron, ensuring valuable data is accurately and safely transferred.
  12. Enhance your search portal with new customisations to meet new user preferences to make information retrieval quicker and more intuitive.
  13. Thesaurus API integration for 3rd party applications. Maintain a single source for your controlled vocabulary in Soutron for the benefit of the wider team who use other applications.
  14. Single Sign-on implementation enhances security by reducing the risk of password fatigue and simplifies the login process for your users.
  15. Add customised functionality to your library or archive that enhances your information or knowledge management initiatives with new development work from the Soutron development team. These innovations ensure organizations stay ahead and take advantage of the information explosion curve.
  16. Get expert guidance on using the Soutron RESTful XML API with SharePoint, EBSCO, or other websites using Soutron consultancy services to embed your library or archive directly into these platforms to facilitate information ingestion and retrieval. Soutron can run manual or scheduled import and export routines in .csv, .xml, BibTeX, and MARC formats locally or to an SFTP location.
    (For a detailed list of integrations, view our integrations page.)
  17. Social media integration to use the power of social media to help promote public facing collections and catalogues to a wider audience.
  18. SEO consultancy. For those with public facing collections, have you prepared your Soutron catalogue so Google and other search engines can index and promote your collection to reach a greater audience?
  19. Expert led consultancy by our resident librarian.
  20. Obtain advanced or refresher training to enhance skills and optimise the utility and knowledge of Soutron.

Enhance and Improve Information Access Today!

By incorporating these products and services into your Soutron application, your library or archive can achieve new efficiencies, increase user satisfaction, and improve access to information.

Some of the above items may be cost options and others may already be part of your application, but will need configuration and setup to fully meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to see how we can bring one or more of the above enhancements into your Soutron solution today.