Soutron New 4.1.5 Update

We are pleased to announce the latest software update to Soutron is now available, version 4.1.5.

This update includes many enhancements and new features such as the eagerly awaited Document Submission and Review functions, support for Bibliographic Meta Enrichment, a performance enhanced API, technology updates for improved Search Portal functionality as well as security updates and general improvements. More of the System Management administration features have also been migrated from the original user interface into the new Admin Console. Details can be found below.

The new capabilities are the result of using agile development and working closely with, and listening to, clients’ needs. Our goal continues to provide a world class combined library, archive and information management solution.

Introducing the latest updates and features

Search Portal

The Search Portal sees further enhancements and features based on client requests and feedback we have received.

Support for ProQuest Unbound – Soutron Bibliographic Meta Enrichment Service

Enrich bibliographic data dynamically to improve the level of information available to end users. This new service is provided through an annual subscription for a service that delivers content directly and seamlessly into the bibliographic record display. Content is provided by ProQuest.

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Soutron Document Review Solution (DR)

Now available, Soutron Document Review is a flexible and secure process for managing digital objects such as documents, drawings or images submitted for review and approval by nominated users and experts, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of all document versions and comments.

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Admin and Search Portal Template Updates

The templates for the Administration and Search Portal layouts have been upgraded to the latest release of Bootstrap technology, designed to build the most intuitive and flexible web pages. Additional support is included for Search Portal results and record display to provide greater integration options with third-party systems.

Zotero, Google Scholar and Mendeley Support

Extended Search Portal record page metadata to support Highwire Press tags. Extends support to systems such as Zotero, Google Scholar and Mendeley.

New Single Search Option for Ask Soutron

We have extended our integration with the new Ask Soutron optional enquiry service. A single search can be carried out to return results from both Soutron and results via the Ask Soutron service targeted at external resources. The Ask Soutron service is powered by Kare Knowledgeware and uses natural language search to retrieve results from third-party websites or databases connected to the service.

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Soutron Admin

API Updates

The Soutron API has seen many changes, enhancements and security updates, including the ability to exclude Content and Record Types from the API filtering process; the ability to log all search requests; support for empty searching; plus, methods to get infrastructure data (offices, languages, search portals) and collection data. The new Soutron API can get RSS feed information and data. The new API has developed improved methods for getting all related data about a catalogue record to improve performance and reach when interrogating a Soutron database.

Please note, with the introduction this new API, no additional functionality or improvements will be made to the original web service API. This will continue to be supported for a further two years from the 4.1.5 release date for critical bug fixes only. If the original API is used, we strongly advise switching to the new Soutron API as soon as possible.

Migrations from Library to New Admin

Old to New Admin ScreenAs we continue to re-engineer all the core modules of the Soutron application, the following features can now be found in the new Admin Console. Field Maintenance, Record and Content Type Maintenance all now benefit from the new, cleaner user interface with more intuitive controls to help manage templates and fields in Soutron.

Grid View Management and Resource String Translations controls have been migrated into the new Admin Console with added support for the Search Portal.

A checkbox ‘Create Another’ feature has been added to database management functions in the new Admin Console to allow faster creation of multiple templates, fields and record types. It is now possible to duplicate Content and Record Types and determine if a field is included during record duplication.

The eagerly awaited drag & drop feature to change the display order of fields in a record template is now included.

New Drag and Drop Field Sorting!

The Admin Console interface will continue to evolve and develop in future updates.

Deletion Protection in Field Maintenance

When deleting a field, it is now a requirement to enter your username to avoid accidental deletion.

Further Google Integrations

Support is now available for Google OAuth SSO

Other updates include:

  • Loan Requests page has been re-designed to streamline the request process.
  • Improved Boolean searching support within Soutron API.
  • Improved Admin user experience when removing fields from record types where data exists.
  • Thesaurus lookup now opens larger in portal advanced search page.

Please note

We will not update any instance of Soutron without your permission.
Please visit our support site where you can request an upgrade at a time convenient to you.

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