Soutron Training Services

The need for staff to be well trained in the use of an application is very important. Why is that so? Why do we pay so much attention to this aspect of system delivery.

Having spent time and money on selecting a system, the organisation needs to maximise the value it gets from the investment in software and systems. Failure to adequately learn how to get the best out of a system is a lost opportunity and a cost to the business. It is also likely that when staff who operate and use systems are not trained then stress and anxiety may build and the system falls into disuse. Training addresses these issues and provides a mechanism for change in a safe environment with an expert who can help staff adapt to change.

We include training with every system delivered. This begins the moment we commence implementation of a system, by providing a test system complete with a set of client data and our consultant on hand to introduce the system step by step. This continues throughout the period of implementation and includes both formal classroom training and top up training delivered by on-line GoTo Meeting sessions.


On-site training

This option allows you to learn the latest features with exercises led by a trained instructor using data with which you are familiar. Each training session is tailored to a set of specific needs that have been agreed in advance. Each module has particular work-flows and processes for back office functions. However, there is consistency in the style of presentation and menus throughout the system.


Web-based training

Go To Meeting for On-line TrainingWe find that it is incredible beneficial to receive training from the comfort of your own desk. All you will need is a computer, a phone and an internet browser. Using ‘GoTo Meeting’, we will temporarily establish a connection between your computer and Soutron, which will allow on-line interaction and also for us to share the system with you so that we can see what you are doing and you can see what we are doing. As the system expands and develops these type of sessions can be invaluable to top up knowledge or to address a particular need.

‘We undertook training at our own desks and the trainer, Craig, couldn’t have been more helpful. He worked through all our concerns, and was happy to investigate further if the answer wasn’t immediately apparent. As my colleague commented, ‘you can sit in a classroom and not retain very much, it’s so much better at your own workstation’.

– Zena Woodley, Library Resources Manager, Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust


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