NEW Resourceful Article on Modernising Library and Archive Information Management Systems

Soutron Global Press Release

International library, archives, information resources, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of an insightful new article regarding modernising library and archive information management systems titled “4 Adverse Impacts of Not Modernising Special Library and Archive Technologies.” This article serves as a resource for library, archive, and information professionals who are looking for guiding points regarding reasons they should strive to modernise their library and archive technologies.

The article delves into many aspects of technology modernisation in special libraries and archives, highlighting the immediate and long-term consequences of not updating these systems, including security vulnerabilities and economic strains. Furthermore, it provides a detailed analysis of the impacts on organisational efficiency and access to information.

Key features of the article include a review of economic and security implications along with an exploration of the various challenges faced by libraries and archives due to outdated technologies.

In 2023, Soutron Global was instrumental in helping several special libraries and archives transition from legacy systems to more integrated and efficient solutions, due to the flexible customisations available in Soutron. These efforts have streamlined workflows and significantly improved secure access to information, highlighting the benefits of using modern technology. Organisations in the financial, engineering, legal, publishing, pharmaceutical, and think tank industries have gained these modernisation benefits having implemented Soutron in 2023.

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As an incentive to support more organisations in their modernisation journey, Soutron Global is offering a special promotion to help organisations provide information access portals that are designed to support their needs. For any commitments to begin modernisation efforts by March 31, 2024, Soutron Global will provide a 25% reduction in implementation fees. This offer is a testament to Soutron Global’s dedication to fostering advancements in the field of library and archive management.

We encourage all library, archives, and information professionals to read this article and consider the benefits of modernising their technology infrastructure.

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