Soutron Global to Add Rich New Functionality to the Latest Release of Soutron

Soutron Global Press Release

Soutron Global, an internationally recognised provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, is adding rich new functionality to its Special Library, Archive, and Information Management System flagship solutions.

This latest release will enhance core functionalities with administration updates that promise to improve staff efficiency with newly upgraded editing workflows, provide for improved material visibility with less clicks, and continue to enhance the ease of use of client driven Soutron to increase client efficiencies and productivity.

“Soutron’s modernised solutions leverage newer, more efficient technologies and architectures, which can reduce operational costs and improve performance due to the increased efficiencies these upgrades provide,” states Tony Saadat, CEO and President of Soutron Global. “Modern systems like Soutron are designed to be user-friendly and offer features that automate tasks, freeing up our clients’ time for them to focus on more strategic work.”

This latest release will have a focus on updated user interfaces that improve usability to provide an enhanced user experience. The use of new software technologies allows Soutron to add new features quickly.

“I am delighted with the updates my Soutron development team is putting together that take advantage of new technology architectures that are available today,” states Graham Partridge, VP of R&D at Soutron Global. “These updates will enable Soutron to more easily scale to meet the future requirements of our clients.”

Clients will be notified when this release is available!

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