Soutron Releases New Information Resource Management System (IRMS) for Centralised Control of Information Resources

Soutron Global Press Release

For Immediate Release: 12th September 2023
Embargo: None

The Soutron IRMS provides centralised organisation of physical and digital resources, helping to ensure information governance and business rules are met

International library, archives, information, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of the Soutron Information Resource Management System (IRMS) to help organisations provide centralised control of their physical and digital information resources, ensuring information governance and business rules are met.

With Soutron IRMS, you can provide a single secure search interface to siloed departmental information resources, ensuring cross-department knowledge sharing while improving customer service by creating external portals that provide the public, your partners, or association members access to information resources

Inherent to the IRMS application is the ability for end-users to submit materials such as project artifacts for peer review and inclusion into the IRMS, thus facilitating knowledge retention and knowledge sharing. Additional information governance functionality included within the Soutron IRMS includes extensive thesaurus and metadata management, data and record management, content submission and management, asset tracking, and workflow automation.

“The Soutron IRMS reduces the information governance strain on internal IT staff and empowers individual knowledge workers to contribute and share their work-related project artifacts,” states Tony Saadat, President & CEO of Soutron Global. “Our IRMS provides centralised control of information resources with efficient workflows.”

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