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Tweets: a record for your catalogue

While discussing different information management and archival ideas, one that struck a chord was the ability to record tweets to provide a record of an event or happening that may need to be examined in the context of information resources deployed.

Not just tweets but any social media conversation from your organisation that you would like to keep a record of.

This led us to a conversation with a Government client interested in monitoring a specific Twitter campaign.

What would a tweet catalogue record look like? Could we record what the tweet linked to, such as a PDF, as well as the text of the tweet? This is what we came up with.

Create a Twitter Archive in Soutron

(some content is hidden from view for the purpose of this screenshot only)

Each link brings up a screenshot of the full content, all safely stored for future reference.

Soutron Twitter Post Archive Popup

You cannot rely on Twitter to store the content for you nor is it easy to search, but within the Soutron catalogue you can search and find relevant content with ease!

The tweets can be grouped by hierarchies showing re-tweets within the main tweet. We are keen to progress this facility as we develop more integration points for social media management.

If you or your communications / marketing department would like to save a record of social media activity to your own Soutron catalogue then get in touch with us and we will talk you through the best way to achieve this.

It could prove invaluable in a legal environment or for future auditing purposes.

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