The benefits of a combined Library and Archive solution

The Benefits of a Combined Llibrary Archive Software Solution

Do you have a library and archive collection you would like to put online and make more accessible? Do you wish you could make this more appealing and increase the use and value of the collections? Perhaps you have a lone desktop PC with your collection saved in a legacy program or spreadsheet but you don’t have the means to easily publish it.

How could a combined library and archive solution benefit your organisation?

1 – All of your content (books, photographs, journals, posters, digital content) to be searchable and in a single place.

This makes it easier for people who visit your web site to see and access materials. It also makes it easier for you to cross reference materials and use a common vocabulary across the library, archive and photographic material.

2 – Make your collection viewable using mobile devices as well as desktop PCs.

The combined library and archive can be tightly embedded as a natural extension of a visit to your web site.  The advanced portal design of Soutron makes it mobile friendly and keeps all your branding and identity in place. Expanding your reach to audiences with multi-lingual options is also possible using Soutron’s Search Portal technology.

3 – Make your collection available worldwide!

Go global! If your collection could be made available to others around the world, how could this help you? Perhaps to help raise your profile? Increase awareness for future collaborations and new funding opportunities?

4 – Make information easier to find

Making your content and collection easier to access via a mobile friendly site is only part of the benefits of Soutron. Soutron also has functions to allow records to be related to other records, either as parts or series and sub-series down to item level. This makes it easier for users to browse and see where and how content relates and increases the likelihood of a better experience for users who may not find Boolean searching that easy.

5 – Create an online store

Create searchable relationships between your collections, authors, books, journals and items you may have for sale. Opportunities to sell prints, postcards or replicas of popular pieces from your collection. Help fund your library and archive by integrating your database with payment systems.

6 – A single online instance all fully managed and supported

Many IT departments are under pressure, so to ask them to develop, create and maintain a new solution, may be out of reach. A partner, such as Soutron can help. Your collection is securely stored in the cloud, backed up and fully maintained and Soutron are there to help advise and inform, a specialist database provider with nearly 30 years’ experience of delivering systems

Transform your archive and collection today. To find out how this is all possible and explore the process to your future online collection, contact Soutron today.

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