See Soutron Library Management Software at BIALL Conference Belfast June 2023

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Soutron will be presenting how you can “Go Beyond Your Library” with Document Submissions, Thesaurus Management & More at the BIALL Product Showcase

Soutron Global announces their attendance at the #BIALL2023 conference being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 14th to 16th June. Soutron will be presenting how you can “Go beyond your library” with Document Submissions, Thesaurus Management & more during the BIALL product showcase.

“I am delighted to confirm that Soutron will be attending the 3-day BIALL Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this year and we are very much looking forward to meeting with our many clients and demonstrating the value Soutron provides,” states Tony Saadat, CEO of Soutron Global. “Not many people know this, but BIALL also uses Soutron to provide access to membership materials & information.”

Soutron will be demonstrating the very latest release and updates to their Legal Library Management software, Soutron LMS. The latest release provides enhanced bibliographic importing, automatic copy creation, API updates, support for the new Google Analytics GA4 and so much more.

Graham Partridge (VP of R&D at Soutron Global and former Legal Librarian), will be taking part in the BIALL product showcase, presenting how you can “Go beyond your library” with Document Submissions, Thesaurus Management & more!

He will be discussing how managing information assets (physical or digital) in a law firm isn’t unusual, securing all data and transactions in an integrated, high performance LMS solution. But did you know what else is possible to help expand and promote the library service across the firm?

Graham would like to show you how the entire law firm could benefit from one single, connected thesaurus across various applications. Also, how the library team can receive, store and audit the submissions of documents, deeds, contracts in a modern, 21st century legal library solution.

Removing the silos to information management, integrating with iManage, Thomson Reuters Legal Search Connect and more will be discussed in this brief and informative showcase.

At the #BIALL2023 event, drop by the Soutron Global stand to see how you can take part in our raffle. We look forward to meeting you in Belfast at the Europa Hotel.

View our testimonials to see a selection of legal clients in the UK, Ireland and beyond that have all successfully installed and use Soutron for their legal library and information management. Including:

Wilsons Solicitors

Wilsons Solicitors
Salisbury, United Kingdom

“The self checkout tool for our lawyers has worked wonders, no more manual checking and it is just so easy to keep track of our 800 books and journals. Using Soutron for our library management has made a huge improvement to our department.”

Field Law, Canada

Field Law
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Soutron fit our requirements and their migration team was supportive and great to work with. We are very pleased with our new library catalogue and portal.

Gardiner Roberts

Gardiner Roberts LLP
Ontario, Canada

“The look and functionality of Soutron was very impressive and user-friendly. Some of us have used Soutron Library & Information Systems and were very happy with it. We look forward to working with Soutron Global’s friendly Team!!!”

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