Still using the British Library ARTEmail – Artel System? The clock is ticking.

British Library Artel System

What is the ARTEmail (Artel) System?

The ARTEmail system is an automated method of requesting material from the British Library Document Supply Centre, by emailing a file in a specific format that could be read by British Library systems, along with human search to go and check if the item was available.

Who is using it?

Many libraries around the UK – anyone that regularly requests items from the British Library.

Any benefits?

It is very easy to create the formatted file if you have the right software – you can upload hundreds of requests in one file unlike the previous system, which was writing out each request on a duplicated form, one copy for the requesting library and one copy for the British Library

Does it have any flaws?

If you didn’t have a way of generating a file in the correct format it might have been a pain, but that was not a big issue. At the time you send the request you don’t know if it is available from the BL and you had to wait for either the item to turn up or a coded reply from the British Library telling why they couldn’t supply it.

Why is it being switched off?

In the on-demand world we reside, the slow requests process and outdated method needed an overhaul. The new API that replaces it also removes the human element of physically checking the shelves.

When is it being switched off?

2017, so you should start planning a move to a Library Management System that can connect via this new method.

What is the replacement for the ARTEmail System?

The British Library have developed a new modern API that makes requests more instant, most importantly it tells the user if the item is available right there and then.

Any other benefits?

The new API offers a new way of embedding the service in your daily workflow. Other benefits include:
• Search across your collection and the BLDSS collection simultaneously
• See guaranteed price and availability before you order
• Achieve significant increases in fulfilment rates over ARTEmail (a 75% reduction in failed requests)
The API is a flexible solution which can be used by Libraries who have adopted a Library Management System capable of connecting via this new API.

Is there a Library Management System available that offers this API connection?

Yes, the Inter Library Loans Management Solution offered by Soutron provides this valuable API connection along with a host of other great time saving features. Contact Soutron today to request a demonstration of this in action.


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