Long lasting relationships translate into benefits

Long Lasting Relationships Benefits Clients
The time invested in finding a new system requires a payback that is measured in more than software functions on a screen.

A long lasting relationship based on trust, expert advice and honesty helps the librarian to deliver the library’s mission.

Soutron invests time with clients to listen to what is really needed and then build this into the software to help meet those exact needs. Perhaps it is because we enjoy this process so much that we form strong and long term relationships with clients.

Client Feedback 

It is very gratifying to receive wonderful comments and great direct feedback from clients. The International Fertilizer Development Center, based in Alabama, North America recently shared their comments and desires for the future with us:

“Customer service at Soutron is tops, a number10! The library of the International Fertilizer Development Centre needed modern functionality to make the archives visible in every catalogue search result.” 

“Using the Soutron solution, our staff find the fertilizer research done in the past by our IFDC agronomists, engineers and economists, as well as find the groundwork and early research done by the Tennessee Valley Authority, the TVA scientists, so that IFDC’s and TVA’s work in fertilizer continues to help feed the world.”

IFDC has an amazing history and a vital mission and it is a privilege for us to be part of their work. Our job is to help the librarians to help their customers and we know that a strong relationship results in better solutions and happiness all round.

Always Listening

Listening to one of our more recent client’s needs led us to develop the archival functions integrated into the LMS and these new functions are proving to be invaluable to many other clients. It has also led us to develop more flexibility into our database.  “It’s seems so simple” says Graham Beastall “but sitting down with clients regularly and really hearing what is being said is a key part of our planning function. Our most senior and experienced people spend time talking directly to clients rather than sitting in internal meetings and making assumptions about clients future needs.”

If you are an existing client and want to talk some more, please call us. If you are not yet a client but would like to run some ideas or needs by us, please call too.

We are very friendly and love talking about our industry. You wont get a pushy sales person responding, just a passionate and knowledgeable expert who loves to share ideas.

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