Leonard Cohen Poetry and Melodies

Leonard Cohen Poetry and Melodies
I was greatly saddened to read of the recent death of Leonard Cohen. Poetry and Melodies. The simplest words, placed together, to reveal profound truths and emotions. And his unique delivery. A complete artist.

Reflecting on his achievements I looked back to some of his earlier work and his collaboration with Phil Spector. Not so good. What you might expect to be wonderful is not. Creating something special is not formulaic. Sometimes simple combinations bring about amazing results. This is true of software especially.

1 + 1 =

When we enhanced our database engine to embrace ISAD(G) and implement cross references and hierarchical structures to combine archive with library functionality we created something that was more than the sum of the parts.  It brought together ideas that we had been discussing internally since our CRM system was set up on the Soutron database in 2012.

This integration of archive and library occurred just as we were also releasing Soutron’s Portal Technology and this delivery mechanism really added spice to the mix and made the results special.

Our first project using this combination was for a new client where we brought three different systems and data sets together in a single database, where search and discovery is embedded in with the web site.

By using related structures, we could better represent metadata across many types of information. The bottom line is very fast access to data for end users with better visual clues to complement the power of text searching.

The difference this makes is significant for any service whose mission is to increase access to materials and enlarge the user population; to include more people and to make researching topics more interesting and productive.

The Engine

Soutron’s data management engine is extremely powerful. Like an engine that is enhanced by the addition of a turbo and collects energy from braking, it enhances data. Many clients do not exploit all the database’s power because their needs are limited. For those who do need more capability, however, Soutron’s database engine represents fantastic value for money because it can be applied to many different needs.

The ability to efficiently represent data outside the confines of MARC structures is a breakthrough making any data easily manageable for any entity: library, archive or knowledge service.

Add into the mix Soutron’s API and all manner of information products become possible.

Creative combinations.  They make big differences to outcomes.

Learn more about our very own solutions and how a Combined Library and Archive Solution can help your organisation today.

Graham Beastall – Senior Consultant and Managing Director. Graham’s background is in Accountancy, Public Administration and Organisational Theory with a deep technical understanding of databases and web technologies. More posts by Graham.

Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr

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