Cloud-based Local Studies Archives for Easy Collaboration

Cloud-based Local Studies Archives for Easy Collaboration

A reduction in service costs for Archives and Local Studies Departments is now achievable using Cloud technologies from Soutron. Cloud systems combined with Soutron’s multi-Search Portal technology designed for Archive Management means costs can be lowered and shared by several local authorities and smaller archive services in a single system deployed in the Cloud.

Legacy archival systems that have been around for many years do not have the same capabilities for deployment (because their design was originally based on client workstations)  and as a result incur higher operational costs and provide less flexibility for archives who wish to collaborate.

Designed for the Cloud

Soutron’s Archive Management system has been designed from the outset for the Cloud and for multi-site, multi-tenant use making the overheads of operating systems lower, easier to deploy and more flexible in presentation of Collections.

As well as the ability to catalogue materials in the Soutron Archive System using ISAD(G) archive standards, the ability to relate different materials and present these through custom Search Portals is a significant step forward. For local archive collections operating in local government boundaries this makes it much easier to cross reference  materials that hitherto have been stored and managed in separate systems. The researcher has improved levels of service and details are easier to find.

Multiple Locations – Single Solution

Centralised services for the capture of digital objects / documents could also be provided in a Cloud-deployed archival service. QA and verification could be shared out across multiple locations and greater use made of a single metadata creation system that feeds into the Cloud-Archive Service. A single solution that combines image capture, metadata capture and OCR with distributed facilities for QA can also provide the means for archive collections to share out staff expertise and use a common system.

ISO 27001 certified

Soutron’s UK Data Centres in Reading and Birmingham are ISO 27001 certified Tier 4 Centres. Soutron’s Archive System is ready to deploy within 24 hours and can be configured for shared use for any number of local studies or archives that wish to collaborate together to minimise costs.

Each local archive can have their own branded search portal, designed using the latest web HTML5 technologies that make mobile or desktop access fast and simple.

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Graham Beastall – Senior Consultant and Managing Director. Graham’s background is in Accountancy, Public Administration and Organisational Theory with a deep technical understanding of databases and web technologies. More posts by Graham.
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