Support your local Library no matter how large or small

Support your local phone box library!

Support your local Library no matter how large or small

No matter how large or small your local library is, it really does need your support. Week after week we hear more sad news of library closures and staffing cutbacks at your local knowledge centre.

Only today we heard of the crazy news of the threat of closure of a phone box library in Cambridgeshire that the local council said it did not have planning permission for a change of use.

Though in a reversal of fortune, the phone box library has now been cleared to re-open by South Cambridgeshire District Council. After a local media campaign highlighted the plight of Val Empson, 71 who converted the red phone box to a mini library, originally a gift to her husband Bob, 72.

She said she had been overwhelmed by the media coverage this has gained.

More local to us here at Soutron in a nearby Derbyshire village, we too have a local phone box library. This little gem resides rather cosily in Little Eaton, Derbyshire. A service again for the locals where books can be exchanged and freely accessed during the day. It has been in operation since 2011 and was originally purchased for the sum of £1 by Little Eaton Parish Council.

So, alongside the local amenities of a butcher, chemist, pub, schools and shops. Little Eaton also has its very own local ‘mini’ library.

Having shared this on our social media accounts and with a grateful retweet from @TheJeremyVine of BBC Radio2, the passion and interest is very clear. At last count our tweet had reached over 600,000 with multiple re-tweets, likes and mentions.

It really does look like we cherish and love our libraries no matter how large or small.

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