Value of Applied Ontology and Taxonomical Classification in Information Science Podcast by Soutron Global

Value of Applied Ontology and Taxonomical Classification in Information Science Vertical File Podcast

Conceptual and practical ways to implement taxonomies within an ontology framework facilitating knowledge sharing reviewed

International library, archives, information resources, and knowledge management solutions market leader Soutron Global announces the availability of the latest “Vertical File” podcast hosted by John Connolly, MLIS, PMP. This latest episode discusses ontologies and taxonomies with Brian Donohue, PhD, the Senior Manager of Ontology and Data Modeling at Capital One, where he facilitates information and data management using applied ontology, taxonomies, and technology tools.

The podcast discusses the problem state that a lot of business systems have storing data and serving information, yet they don’t have any kind of context or framework or an understanding of what this data is about. Data silos get built because there’s a particular problem that a team is trying to solve and, as a result, that silo has a narrow focus that does not show awareness of what other data is out there. Businesses end up with these little pockets of data or information which have value but are limited in their value because those silos aren’t surfaced to other users to whom it might be relevant or connected with other data or information sources. Where an ontology can help is in connecting the dots across those silos to provide a single, shared and contextually rich structure to translate the data and present a fuller picture back to users.

Per Brian, “The problem that an Ontologist is trying to solve is what data is relevant and what does the data actually mean.” Brian explains that an ontology isn’t limited to the hierarchy relationships that taxonomies have, it also includes horizontal relationships, painting a web of information. This provides a structure that includes the taxonomy hierarchy but goes beyond it to include other types of information that’s relevant to the user. This process adds tremendous value and enables a new way of thinking about the data and information, creating a positive information experience.

John adds “The value that’s being added to the user experience by implementing structures like ontologies and taxonomies frameworks facilitates smooth knowledge transfer and provides an effective way to deliver the relevant information in the right way to solve problems.”

As Brian notes in the podcast, technology tools are an important part of an ontological framework. “The recently re-engineered Soutron poly-hierarchical thesaurus is now available with API access to facilitate even more efficient knowledge sharing,” states Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global. “Soutron technology supports extensive taxonomy development, and this new functionality enables teams to share taxonomies that integrate into an ontological framework to create a complete picture of relevant information.”

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