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Q1 - How many Library Administrative Staff do you have?
1234 or more

Q2 - How many end users will access Search?
1-5051-500501-1000over 1000unsure

Q3 - How many Libraries do you have?
123more than 3

If you have ONE Library do you have sub-locations?

Q4 - How many records do you have?
<= 1,000<= 5,000<= 10,000<= 50,000

Q5 - What types of content do you hold? Please tick those that are relevant:
BooksJournalsArticleseBooksDocumentsKnow HowEnquiriesILLsResearch PapersReportsPrecedentsWeb SitesImagesAudioVideoMulti-volume SetsLoose leafRelated RecordsParts

Any other content (Please describe)

Q6 - Do you use a Classification scheme / Shelf Location? YesNo

If Yes, what is it?
Home grownDeweyUDCOther

Q7 - How do you control Physical Copies?
Bar CodesRFID TagsManualOther

Q8 - Do users connect to your system via Single Sign On? YesNo

If Yes, do you know what method is used to load and authenticate users?
Active DirectorySAMLAthensShibbolethCSV FileUnknown

About the data you wish to bring with you into Soutron LMS

Q9 - Can you export data from your present system in any of the following formats?

Q10 - Is each record uniquely identified together with all associated copies? YesNo

Q11 - Do you use Subjects or Keywords to index data?

If Yes, do you have these in a separate file to load? YesNo

Q12 - Do you use Copy Cataloguing? YesNo

If Yes, please provide the names of the Source catalogues that you use?

Q13 - Are there any document attachments included with your data? YesNo

If Yes, please indicate the types of attachments?

Q14 - Are there any particular functions and facilities that are essential to your operation that are “unusual” or that you feel may need particular assistance in setting up in any new system?

Q15 - Core Functions - Please tell us what functionality is needed?

ArchiveCataloguingCopy CataloguingControlled vocabularyCopy managementLoansRenewalsAutomated OverdueFinesSelf IssueReservations ManagementBook to View
Loan against Project/CaseSearch PortalRequestRSS FeedsExport (mail, print, pdf)Management ReportsUser managementOrdering (simple)Serials Check InBudgetingClaims

Other (please specify)

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Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Set Your Knowledge Free
Digital Solutions for Libraries and Archives

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