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To really understand how Soutron Global’s products, services and solutions have made a difference to organizations
across the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond, explore our case studies today to learn more.

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Corporate & Enterprise

UKAmec Foster Wheeler

Merging disparate library systems for a single point of access for a multi-national engineering firm.

Case Study (PDF)

UK AstraZeneca 

Providing instant access to vital product information for researchers, doctors, and hospitals.

Case Study (PDF)

USARochester Electronics

Scaling to over 500,000 records for a leading semiconductor manufacturer.

Case Study (PDF)

NetherlandsDanone Nutricia Research

Providing document submission & peer content review for researchers & doctors.

Case Study (PDF)

CanadaLand Information Ontario

Optimising geospatial applications to support a Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Case Study (PDF)

UKRothamsted Research 

Simplifying the library search process for 170 year old agricultural research firm.

Case Study (PDF)


Creating a single, cohesive information catalogue and reducing expenditure for European air navigation safety.

Case Study (PDF)

USANational Association of Insurance Commissioners

Building a searchable digitised archive collection in the insurance industry to quickly find the right content.

Case Study (PDF)


Migrating from legacy, in-house library system to cloud-based solution for an international energy company.

Case Study (PDF)


Charity / Not for Profit

UKEgypt Exploration Society (EES)

Providing global, online access to historical Egyptological material & collections.

Case Study (PDF)

UKMarx Memorial Library

Creating a fully searchable online portal for world-class archive with diverse media offerings.

Case Study (PDF)

UKThe Wiener Holocaust Library

Providing an innovative, flexible, and configurable library solution for UK Holocaust library.

Case Study (PDF)

UKFoundling Museum

Cataloguing remarkable collection of art and social history for London museum.

Case Study (PDF)

UKSt Bride Foundation

Cataloguing images, stock locations, and collection items for social, cultural, and recreational center in London.

Case Study (PDF)

USAGeorge C Marshall Foundation

Making small library and archive research services accessible to anyone in the world.

Case Study (PDF)

CanadaSalvation Army

Replacing an outdated system and digitising historical publications for the Canadian Salvation Army.

Case Study (PDF)



UKAshfords LLP

Launching a library system built by librarians, not IT, for a British law firm.

Case Study (PDF)

USAStinson LLP

Empowering a law firm with an extensive, easy-to-access research collection.

Case Study (PDF)

UKCains Advocates

Reducing IT constraints and improving usability with a new LMS for an international law firm.

Case Study (PDF)

UKWilsons Solicitors

Reducing manual checkout processes for 300 year old law firm’s books and journals.

Case Study (PDF)

USAGeldards LLP

Creating a tailored legal library management system for 100 year old law firm.

Case Study (PDF)



UKChatham House
The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Combining archive and records management for a range of media at world leading policy institute. (2 Part)

Case Study (PDF)

UKChartered Institute of Marketing

Providing better search and retrieval of training materials to a global network of marketers.


CanadaThe Royal Canadian Military Institute

Archiving books, photographs, and various historical media for Canada’s largest privately-held military library.

Case Study (PDF)

USAThe Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

Building access mechanisms to share data internationally for Europe’s largest logistics and transport library.

Case Study (PDF)



UKCountess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Reducing costs with a cloud-based system for healthcare education and training.

Case Study (PDF)

UKMersey Care NHS Foundation Trust (LMS + Clio)

Providing mental health research and reviews to a wider audience in only one month.

Case Study (PDF)

UKWhittington Health NHS Trust

Building a fully maintained library management system in record time for NHS trust library.

Case Study (PDF)



UKOxford University Press

Tailoring a library management solution for premier business information publisher.

Case Study (PDF)

UKRandom House

Consolidating two old systems into an efficient, ultra-fast library archive system for global publishing group.

Case Study (PDF)



UKOxford Hub

Launching a simple and intuitive library system for student research and learning.

Case Study (PDF)

UKRoyal College of Physicians

Simplifying administration of library software for professional body of UK physicians.

Case Study (PDF)

UKUnion School of Theology

Answering questions in a matter of hours instead of days with new school library system.

Case Study (PDF)


More Case Studies

USAConnect Child Care Resources CCRR

Transforming a traveling child care resource centre with a lending library solution.

Case Study (PDF)

UKThe Commonwealth Secretariat

Removing the complexity, improving performance and increasing efficiency for The Commonwealth Secretariat

Case Study (PDF)

UKEssex Police

Managing massive volumes of documentation and records for UK police department.

Case Study (PDF)

UKThe Welsh Government

Providing a single search, digital repository for all Welsh Government publications Archive & Library.


USAFossil (Retailer)

Track fashion collections, fabric samples, periodicals, and images for global fashion retailer.

Case Study (PDF)



Thanks to our Clients

A selection of our clients who are kind enough to allow these to be produced to share their experiences of working with Soutron Global. We hope you find them informative, that they highlight the benefits our software has provided.

Soutron Global invests time with clients to listen to what is really needed and then build this into the software to help meet those exact needs. When you are ready to start a conversation with us to see how we can assist you, contact us today.